Enzyme Facial

I’ve had a number of skin issues such as acne or redness since I was a teen and had been looking for a treatment that could help. I spoke to my friend who has a history in beauty therapy and inner health and she recommended I make an appointment for a skin consultation at Skinovations in Beaumaris.

Just before New Year I attended a Skin Consultation with Kate. Kind and approachable with a lovely smile that could light up a room. She asked me to complete a new customer form which asked questions about my skin history, past and current skin care products and also what my goals for the sessions would be.

We went to a consultation room and Kate talked me through their products and treatments. After a good 15 minutes worth of information she asked me to lie on the bed so she could get a better look at my skin and a chance to use their cleanser and moisturiser so I could get a feel of the products.

I don’t know if it was the amazing knowledge or the mini face massage but I left leaving fantastic whilst my bank account was a lot lighter.

I bought 4 products from the range. Cleanser, face spray, moisturiser and some supplements. (see below)


After using these for 2 weeks I can’t say I’ve felt a noticeable difference in my skin redness but I have definitely loved how smooth my skin feels and how positive I’ve started to feel around my new skin care regime.

I just attended my second appointment which included an enzyme facial.

Now this facial is not for the faint hearted. It’s not a blood facial or anything creepy and it doesn’t peel off 7 layers of skin (as far as I’m aware!)

I lay on the bed and Kate took some before photos of my skin on my face and around my neck. She asked me to lay on the bed with a blanket over me as I had to remove my top (the facial would be from chest to head) Kate cleansed my face before applying the solution and then turned the lights down and left me to it for around 15 minutes.

She had warned me that my skin will feel extremely tight and that I would feel a pulsing/throbbing sensation where the mask had been applied. I didn’t feel anything a first but after a few minutes of concentrating really hard, it started.

I felt as though someone had poured concrete on me. My skin felt heavy, itchy and tight. It felt as though any movement would crack my skin open. At one point I did worry and started to imagine how awful it would be if I was allergic to the mask and it became stuck to my swollen puffy face.

Rest assured, Kate came back after 15 minutes to let me know there was another 20 minuets to go. I wondered how I’d be able to last! I couldn’t talk so how could I get her attention from the other room if I needed to be rescued?

By some miracle, 20 minutes went extremely fast and the itchiness reduced. Kate returned and placed a hot towel over my face – the same way that Mr Smee does for Captain Hook in Disney’s Peter Pan – with only my nose poking through. She then applied another solution which ‘dissolved’ the mask on my face. She then cleansed again and applied a moisturiser whilst giving one of the best face massages you could imagine.

Post mask and re-dressed, Kate handed me a glass of water and I posed for Skinovations Instagram story so she could show the results of the mask. Unsure of how it actually works and the correct words I wont do it justice, but on my chest and neck, it looked as though I had hundreds of tiny little red veins just under my skin.

Don’t worry though, these went down after 10 minutes.

The treatment cost $149 (around 80 gbp)

Although there was a little anxiety and panic, my skin feels and looks incredible and I’ve booked in to have another one in 2 weeks time.

I can’t wait!

If you’d like to learn more about Skinovations their Instagram is: skinovations_melb




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