Day trip to the country

Yesterday, we decided to drive to Bairnsdale for the day to visit friends and see their new home. It took us just over three hours to get there from South East Melbourne which went quickly, thankfully.

When I imagine Australian countryside, I picture something similar to the town in Saving Mr Banks. Obviously more up to date and modern as it is 2017 but still as ‘country’ looking.

Bairnsdale is beautiful. A cute little town with a large main street. There are a wide range of shops on each side with a lawn down the centre of the road where families can sit and eat picnics in the sun.

We went for lunch at a gorgeous little cafe called Little Alice on Main Street. The food was wonderful. I had scrambled egg on toast with hot chocolate and Dave had a SFC (southern fried chicken) burger with an iced coffee. The service was friendly and the atmosphere was welcoming.

Afterwards we took a drive to Lakes Entrance with our friends and they told us all about the suburbs as we drove through. After around 20 minutes we started to descend down a hill and to the right we had the most incredible views.


Rivers leading to the sea and beautiful greenery splitting the two. We stopped at the lookout which really took my breath away. Apparently on a clear day you can see out to all of the oil rigs.

We crossed the bridge to the beach and we were lucky we weren’t blown over the side. The water was as choppy as you could imagine. But it was all so beautiful.The water was so clear and the brightest of blues.

I would definitely recommend a trip there if you can.

All I have to do now is to find a house out there and move to a lovely quiet bit of Victorian countryside and live happily ever after.


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