Lovely little dress collection

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved dresses.

When you walk into a store and you see it, the most beautiful dress. All you want to do is grab it and go try it on and show the world how gorgeous it is and how it obviously designed for you!

In the UK my favourite store is Cath Kidston. If you haven’t heard of this before, you are missing out – BIG TIME. They have an incredible range of bags, purses, home wares and clothes. I have so many bags it’s untrue and I cant stop collecting them. From floral, to polka dot to animal patterns, they have it all.

They’ve also recently started a Disney range. Every couple of months they release a new line of the Disney range and it’s all limited editions. So far they’ve had a Winnie the Pooh range and also a Mickey and Minnie range. I cant wait to see what they do next.

Since moving to Australia I mostly shop at Dangerfield. Their dresses are just incredible and are mostly based on vintage styles and patterns. I stumbled across them whilst wandering around one of the shopping centres and I knew I’d found my new favourite shop.

The brand I buy the most is Princess Highway. Their dresses are girly, cute and they have a wide range of patterns and styles. They always have fantastic offers on too. Currently they have 20% off all full priced items and a lot of older styles are over 50% off. They sometimes have a buy 2 get one free offer which is definitely something to take advantage of.

If you’d like to check out these stores you can find them here:

Cath Kidston Website – Cath Kidston Instagram – Dangerfield Website

Dangerfield Instagram – Princess Highway Instagram







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