Have you ever found someone in your life who inspires you to be better? Who encourages you to dream and supports you in aiming for those dreams?

I have. My friend Sam.

Since moving to Australia I have made a few extremely close friends, Sam being one of them. Whenever I have any thoughts about my future, any goals I want to achieve or anything that I think I want to do, Sam is there supporting me 100% and providing me with ways to reach all of my goals and life destinations.

I recently spoke to her about my decision to look into studying as a primary school teacher, I told her I’d started this blog and set up a connecting Instagram. She told me that I had inspired her to be proactive and she made a life changing decision.

I felt so proud. That my proactive and ‘do’ attitude had spurred her to also try. It had a contagious effect and it was amazing.

I think as adults we need to make sure we surround ourselves with people who encourage us and inspire us to have a ‘better me’ attitude. We should get excited to express our dreams and be supported with them and we should feel proud of ourselves.

I am so grateful to have these kinds of people surrounding me and supporting me in my life changing decisions at this critical time in my life.


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