Hey Sugar

I’m a girl who loves sugar. I always have. I remember when I was younger, our house was broken into and I stayed at my mums friends house. She made me some cereal and put a bit of sugar on it. I feel like this was the start of my sugar obsession.

Chocolate, sweets, biscuits, cake, ice cream, frozen yoghurt…some of the loves of my life.

I’ve attempted to reduce my sugar intake in the past with not much luck. I’d do amazingly for a couple weeks and then one day just decide I shouldn’t be torturing myself by depriving myself of the things I love.

After evaluating my beliefs around this, I realised I’m not torturing myself by deprivation, I’m trying to save myself from the effects of what sugar is doing to my body.

I spoke to a friend who’s goal is to help women feel healthier and happier and we discussed sugar intake.

We talked about all the effects prolonged high sugar consumption can have on a persons body. Just to name a few: Skin problems, feeling fatigued, craving sugar even post eating a sugary snack and tooth cavities. ll things I felt like I was suffering from.

I decided that 2017 would be my year of change.

I found out that 2017 is the Universal Year – Year 1 in the beliefs of numerology. This means that 2017 is a year of new beginnings, the perfect time to change. The belief is that this year is the foundations for your next 9 years. I found a post about it here.

So far I have reduced some sugar intake and also started working out a little 3 times a week using Kayla Itsines 28 day challenge workouts. So far I’ve done 2 full weeks of workouts and i’ll be honest, after one of the leg workouts I could’t walk properly for about 3 days!

But here is to 2017, the year I get on and stay on track.

It also gives me reason to buy cute workout outfits! 



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