Sundays are the best but worst day of the week in my opinion.

On the evening of Saturday you realise you have another full day before having to start a new week. 

You’re going to do so much tomorrow.  Everything you’ve wanted to do all week. 

You can go shopping, go to the cinema, go out for breakfast, lunch and dinner, play golf, go to the beach, go bungee jumping or even learn how to fly a plane! 

It’s sunday! The possibilities are endless. 

Although it gets to 5pm on Sunday and you realise that you’ve yet again wasted a day. 

You look at the clock and think back to what you’ve done during the day. 

Done the weekly food shop, vacuumed the house, done the laundry and now your sat watching season 7 of One Tree Hill. 

Oh well. There’s always next weekend. 


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