Long hair/short hair

When I was younger my mum never let me cut my hair. She always said the same thing:

‘When you turn 13 you can decide on your own hair style’

So I did. But realised that I’d grown to like it and it meant I could have pretty much whatever hair style I liked. 

Then came my 18th birthday. I decided to dye it blonder and get a fringe. 

I kept this hair style from the age of 18 to age 22. 

I made a few length changes but the fringe remained. 

Just before I moved to Australia, I took the plunge to grow out my fringe. I was under the impression that I wouldn’t want one in Australia because it’s hot….I was right. 

Since then I let it grow and grow to as long as I could. I felt like a Disney princess with long blonde hair. 

Then one day I took a selfie and saw just how long it was. And I hated it. 

I got it cut and instantly fell in love with my do again. But now after 2 months I’ve gotten bored again. 

So my question is:

Should I cut my hair shorter or grow it again?!

Shortest my hair has been since 2009

Crazy long hair


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