Sydney – Day 1

In November I had the wonderful experience of going to Sydney with my brother, Kieron and 2 aunties, Pauline and Ann who travelled from the UK.

We spent 6 days in Melbourne and then travelled onto Sydney for another 5 days of adventures and experiences. As a reminder for myself and to give you guys an idea of what we did, here is a day by day play.

Day One

We arrived at around 14:00 and grabbed a taxi from the airport to the apartment. The weather was a little brisk to say the least and it had been raining that morning. We settled into our room which was the most lavish room I’d ever stayed in – surrounded by windows, more rooms than I have in my house and pointy furniture (you know furniture is expensive if it has very pointy and shiny corners).


We decided to go for a wander around the area and if it didn’t rain too much, see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. So off we went.

It had started to get dark at this point so the city was full of lights and it looked beautiful. We wandered down to the harbour and it was such an amazing feeling to see my brother look upon the views for the first time.


I remember when I came to Sydney the first time in 2015 and the awe I felt when I looked at the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. At this point I had been living in Australia for over 2 years but it really hit me that day.

We took a number of photos – I didn’t want to bore you all too much as I have a tendancy of taking an over the top amount of photos!



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