Sydney – Day 2

Day 2 

For the first full day in Sydney we had booked onto a blue mountains tour which we had all been looking forward to. 

We were picked up early from the front of our apartment with another 2 couples and head off on our way towards the mountains. 

Our tour guide, Scott used the trip to give us interesting facts of Sydney, including the bridge, the mountains and the discovery of Australia. 

He had grown up in the mountains with his family and gave us inside information about some of the places and the local communities. 

We had morning tea at a beautiful opening with a picnic bench where we managed to spy a group of kangaroos which was incredible! 

We saw so many beautiful places that I don’t even think the photos will do it justice. We saw the three sisters and learnt about the stories behind them. 

After a long day of seeing the mountains, we moved into a wildlife sanctuary which was awesome. We had photos with a koala and fed kangaroos and wallabees. 

Overall it was a fantastic first full day in Sydney. Looking forward to the many adventures to come. 


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