Sydney – Day 3

Day 3

After our long day previous touring the blue mountains we had a chilled out day.

We went for a wander around the city and meandered down to Darling Harbour. The weather was absolutely beautiful.

The harbour looked magnificent in the sun and it was wonderful being able to see this great city in the sun. Watching all of the tourists and business people going about their business for the day. 

We went to Pancake on the Rocks for breakfast as I had been there before and loved it. 

We had the whole day to sight see before having to make our way to the harbour bridge as we had booked ourselves onto the bridge climb. 

We spent some time at Millers Point and the Observatory which had incredible views of the bridge and the city. 

The bridge climb was incredible and I’d encourage everyone to do it. The sights are breathtaking and the guides are fantastic. We were given our overalls, hats and fleeces and off we went. 

I was a little worried that health wise it may be quite straining but even for myself – who isn’t the healthiest of girls – managed it well. 

Here are some photos from the day:


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