Sydney – Day 5 

Day 5

Today we met with an old family friend who was also travelling around Australia and New Zealand. 

We had a lovely morning walking around the city and stopped off for a number of drinks and a lovely lunch on the harbour. 

We had all booked in for Roar and Snore at Taronga Zoo which we were all really looking forward to. 

We headed off on the ferry and arrived at the zoo at around 6pm. We were shown to our tents which were fantastic! 

Our 3 tents were on the front row which means we had a perfect view of the sea and the sunset. 

After we’d dropped our bags off we went for a tour and were allowed to feed some of the animals. 

We had dinner and heard some aboriginal stories from one of the staff members. 

It was such an incredible day and a lovely night! Although I had an awful issue with my feet swelling! Too much walking I’m thinking! 

I think tomorrow we’re going to be feeding some more animals! 


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