Autumn Dream

We always want what we cant have.

When it’s summer, we complain that we wish it was colder. In winter we dream of summer days and nights. I think due to these complaints, this is why I love spring and autumn. It’s an ‘in-between season’.

Warm enough to stop wearing cardigans in spring. We can start wearing lighter clothes and less layers but we still wake up to those crisp chilly mornings.

Cool enough in autumn to get your tights out, and layer up over your summer dresses and tops, getting as much wear out of them as you can before having to cover all of outfits with a big winter coat.

I love that in Melbourne, the weather has finally started to change so that the leaves are changing colour, the clouds are all over and the rain is dropping more than it has for the whole of 2017 so far.

I realised this week that I don’t own enough jumpers. I’ve looked so many places and thought I would list a few of my favourites:


  1. Flocked Star Knit – Country Road

Flocked Star


2. Floral Embroidered Jumper – Sportsgirl

Floral Embroidered Jumper


3. Honey Bunny Cardi – PrincessHighway

Honey Bunny


4. Pin Cushion Knit – Dangerfield

Pin Cushion Knit


5. Pom Pom Sweater – Seed

Pom Pom


6. Posies for You – Dotti

Posies For You


7. Sequin Humming Bird Knit – French Connection

Sequin Hummingbird

Here’s to tight and jumper weather!


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