Winter Thoughts

So here I am, sat in my lounge room looking out the window at the rain. I can hear the wind blowing and the drops dripping onto the roof of the patio.

Since I last wrote a post I went through surgery. I had my gallbladder removed and a hernia fixed. All went well until 6 days after when I showed up at ED with a blood clot on my lung and an infection. I was admitted and stayed in hospital for 4 days.

Time in hospital gave me numerous hours of sitting with my own thoughts. I had the opportunity to think about my life, where I am along with my goals for the future. It gave me time to think about my family and appreciate what I have.

I’ve been worrying about buying a house. I’ve been feeling left behind. Friends and family are all moving on with their lives. Buying houses, getting engaged and having babies and I feel like I’m over here still struggling paycheck to paycheck.

I break myself every fortnight to save enough money to be able to buy a house asap but then I feel bored and fed up with not having money to spend on doing day to day things. What’s the point in saving for a house when you’re not enjoying life in the right now?

So I’ve decided to live in the moment, focus on my day to day life, appreciate my gorgeous boyfriend and family and mindfully experience my life.

We all have goals, but we need to live our lives.

Happiness is not a destination, it’s the journey.

It’s only taken me a few weeks being physically unwell to realise it and decide to make changes, but I’m glad I did.




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