Money, Money, Money

Money is a subject not a lot of people like talking about. It makes some feel uncomfortable. We’re always told it’s rude to talk about it or ask questions.

Today I went to my bank. I wanted to ask questions about how to be at a point where I could afford to get a mortgage. I spoke to a lovely woman named Jen who was so helpful and honest.

We spent 2 hours together. Going through my accounts, talking about mortgages and loans, sharing information about accounts and credit cards etc.

Jen had a look at my saving and spending patterns and informed me that she felt I had the wrong type of savings accounts. She switched my savings to accounts that were more suited to my habits and gave me advice on how to save efficiently.

We also spoke about insurance. Contents insurance, travel insurance and income protection insurance. I found out that for $50 a month, myself and Dave’s full house contents would be covered – why had I not realised how cheap this was?!

I have a few trips coming up this year too. I found out that if I applied for a credit card (I know! Credit is never a good thing to have too much of) and I used a small chunk to pay for my trips, I would automatically be given travel insurance (I also was able to add Dave to this for no extra cost). So instead of paying around $300 each trip, I would get this insurance for free when I buy the trip/flights/hotels on my card.

I came out of my bank feeling positive and excited in regards to my money situation. Never did I think that a trip to the bank would be a highlight of my day, but there it was!

Now I just need to save!



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