A few months ago, myself and my friend Chris decided we would travel to Tasmania for a girly trip away in winter. We booked our flights and then left it there…until yesterday.

Our initial interest in Tasmania was a post we saw that informed us the southern lights could be seen from certain areas there. This sparked our interest and we decided to look into it. We found out that the lights are mostly seen on the west coast and in winter which gave us a good idea for where and when we would go for our trip.

Our flights are booked for 19th August -22nd August and last night we booked our car rental and our accommodation for the trip.

Booking things and spending time to look at where we want to go has really made it seem more real and has sparked my excitement.

I’m looking forward to taking lots of photos and being out on the road, having a real road trip with a friend.

Watch this space for the blog post I will be writing about the adventures we have whilst there!



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