Sydney – Day 5 

Day 5

Today we met with an old family friend who was also travelling around Australia and New Zealand. 

We had a lovely morning walking around the city and stopped off for a number of drinks and a lovely lunch on the harbour. 

We had all booked in for Roar and Snore at Taronga Zoo which we were all really looking forward to. 

We headed off on the ferry and arrived at the zoo at around 6pm. We were shown to our tents which were fantastic! 

Our 3 tents were on the front row which means we had a perfect view of the sea and the sunset. 

After we’d dropped our bags off we went for a tour and were allowed to feed some of the animals. 

We had dinner and heard some aboriginal stories from one of the staff members. 

It was such an incredible day and a lovely night! Although I had an awful issue with my feet swelling! Too much walking I’m thinking! 

I think tomorrow we’re going to be feeding some more animals! 

Sydney – Day 4

Day 4 

Day four of our Sydney trip and today was an awesome day! 

We woke up early and met a cousin of our aunties’. His name was Joe. He had lived in Sydney for about 30 years and suggested we go on a walk. 

We got the train and then a bus to Bondi Beach. It was so surreal to think that we were actually at Bondi beach. 

The beach itself was beautiful and the waves were huge in comparison to anything I’d seen in person before. I loved all of the art work that surrounded the beach and the walkway. 

We headed off on our Bondi Beach to Coogee coastal walk. 

It was hot. 

Very hot! 

We walked the whole way taking so many photos it’s untrue. I loved seeing all the beautiful spots and just seeing how incredible this part of the world is. Some of the views were so breathtaking. 

We had a wander around the cemetery too which is on the top of the cliff. Joe showed us some of the Irish graves – coming from an Irish family this was something he loved. 

We stopped off at a bowls club for a drink and then continued our adventure to Coogee where we stopped off for lunch. 

It was such a wonderful morning and it was incredible to come to terms with the fact that I live in a country this perfect. 

Sydney – Day 3

Day 3

After our long day previous touring the blue mountains we had a chilled out day.

We went for a wander around the city and meandered down to Darling Harbour. The weather was absolutely beautiful.

The harbour looked magnificent in the sun and it was wonderful being able to see this great city in the sun. Watching all of the tourists and business people going about their business for the day. 

We went to Pancake on the Rocks for breakfast as I had been there before and loved it. 

We had the whole day to sight see before having to make our way to the harbour bridge as we had booked ourselves onto the bridge climb. 

We spent some time at Millers Point and the Observatory which had incredible views of the bridge and the city. 

The bridge climb was incredible and I’d encourage everyone to do it. The sights are breathtaking and the guides are fantastic. We were given our overalls, hats and fleeces and off we went. 

I was a little worried that health wise it may be quite straining but even for myself – who isn’t the healthiest of girls – managed it well. 

Here are some photos from the day:

Sydney – Day 2

Day 2 

For the first full day in Sydney we had booked onto a blue mountains tour which we had all been looking forward to. 

We were picked up early from the front of our apartment with another 2 couples and head off on our way towards the mountains. 

Our tour guide, Scott used the trip to give us interesting facts of Sydney, including the bridge, the mountains and the discovery of Australia. 

He had grown up in the mountains with his family and gave us inside information about some of the places and the local communities. 

We had morning tea at a beautiful opening with a picnic bench where we managed to spy a group of kangaroos which was incredible! 

We saw so many beautiful places that I don’t even think the photos will do it justice. We saw the three sisters and learnt about the stories behind them. 

After a long day of seeing the mountains, we moved into a wildlife sanctuary which was awesome. We had photos with a koala and fed kangaroos and wallabees. 

Overall it was a fantastic first full day in Sydney. Looking forward to the many adventures to come. 

Sydney – Day 1

In November I had the wonderful experience of going to Sydney with my brother, Kieron and 2 aunties, Pauline and Ann who travelled from the UK.

We spent 6 days in Melbourne and then travelled onto Sydney for another 5 days of adventures and experiences. As a reminder for myself and to give you guys an idea of what we did, here is a day by day play.

Day One

We arrived at around 14:00 and grabbed a taxi from the airport to the apartment. The weather was a little brisk to say the least and it had been raining that morning. We settled into our room which was the most lavish room I’d ever stayed in – surrounded by windows, more rooms than I have in my house and pointy furniture (you know furniture is expensive if it has very pointy and shiny corners).


We decided to go for a wander around the area and if it didn’t rain too much, see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. So off we went.

It had started to get dark at this point so the city was full of lights and it looked beautiful. We wandered down to the harbour and it was such an amazing feeling to see my brother look upon the views for the first time.


I remember when I came to Sydney the first time in 2015 and the awe I felt when I looked at the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. At this point I had been living in Australia for over 2 years but it really hit me that day.

We took a number of photos – I didn’t want to bore you all too much as I have a tendancy of taking an over the top amount of photos!


Long hair/short hair

When I was younger my mum never let me cut my hair. She always said the same thing:

‘When you turn 13 you can decide on your own hair style’

So I did. But realised that I’d grown to like it and it meant I could have pretty much whatever hair style I liked. 

Then came my 18th birthday. I decided to dye it blonder and get a fringe. 

I kept this hair style from the age of 18 to age 22. 

I made a few length changes but the fringe remained. 

Just before I moved to Australia, I took the plunge to grow out my fringe. I was under the impression that I wouldn’t want one in Australia because it’s hot….I was right. 

Since then I let it grow and grow to as long as I could. I felt like a Disney princess with long blonde hair. 

Then one day I took a selfie and saw just how long it was. And I hated it. 

I got it cut and instantly fell in love with my do again. But now after 2 months I’ve gotten bored again. 

So my question is:

Should I cut my hair shorter or grow it again?!

Shortest my hair has been since 2009

Crazy long hair


Sundays are the best but worst day of the week in my opinion.

On the evening of Saturday you realise you have another full day before having to start a new week. 

You’re going to do so much tomorrow.  Everything you’ve wanted to do all week. 

You can go shopping, go to the cinema, go out for breakfast, lunch and dinner, play golf, go to the beach, go bungee jumping or even learn how to fly a plane! 

It’s sunday! The possibilities are endless. 

Although it gets to 5pm on Sunday and you realise that you’ve yet again wasted a day. 

You look at the clock and think back to what you’ve done during the day. 

Done the weekly food shop, vacuumed the house, done the laundry and now your sat watching season 7 of One Tree Hill. 

Oh well. There’s always next weekend.