30 Day Photo Challenge

Hi all! 

I’ve decided to complete a 30 day photo challenge over on my instagram! I started yesterday. 

I love taking photos and I’ve become complacent in my uploads so decided to set myself a challenge where I can share a photo a day. 

I’m sure I should have started on the 1st of a month but I’m rebellious what can I say! 

Here is my list of challenges which I found on Pinterest:

Go over to my instagram and have a look! And let me know if you’d like to join in!! 


Life as a psych nurse

I qualified as a Registered Mental Health Nurse in 2012.

Since then, I’ve had two nursing jobs and multiple promotions.

My first job was working in a forensic medium secure hospital in the UK. I worked with a number of patients who suffer from a joint diagnosis of learning disabilities and mental health problems. It was an eye opener to say the least.

On a day to day basis I would be thrown challenges from men who would self harm for tactile stimulation, men who had a history of murder, rape, assault and arson. Men who from a learning disability were so childlike in their manner.

I worked with a man who had been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. He was a man of little words but I always remember one conversation that I had with him. We were stood in the kitchen on the ward, he was making himself a coffee and turned to me. He informed me that at night, he sees green monkeys out of his bedroom window. They go through the bins and then climb up to the roof above his bedroom. He told me that when I left that evening, I’d have to be careful because they had been watching and would attack the staff.

Obviously this did not happen.

But it got me thinking, how awful and intriguing it is that this man believed he had seen these monkeys and that he believed the staff were in danger of being attacked by them.

How scary must that be? To see something so bizarre but believe it is so real and true.

Since that day, I feel I empathise with my patients much more. Who am I to challenge their beliefs that are so real to them. As real to them as my name is to me. How would I feel if someone approached me tomorrow and told me that I am not me, everything I believe is false and I’m actually mentally unwell.

Imagine that your whole life is a lie. A lie that your own brain told you. Tricked you into believing that you are God, aliens are after you, your doctor is trying to poison you, you’re being followed by the FBI, you sister is actually a spy who isn’t your sister at all. These are all delusions that patients I have worked with have experienced.

I think we should all be more aware of mental health in our lives. We should be more empathetic towards people who suffer every day.

5 things that made me happy today

Waking up without an alarm – still pretty early but I woke up because my body wanted to, not because it was forced to by a screeching beeping noise coming from my phone.

Going to my physio appointment and being told that there are improvements since my last appointment.

Being told I look beautiful by my boyfriend and that he can see a difference since I’ve started going to the gym even if I can’t.

Going out for pancakes – by far my favourite food in the world.

My delivery of YouFoods – I decided on Wednesday to order a week of meals (lunch and dinners) to help with my healthy lifestyle change. Hopefully it’ll help!

I hope you all have a lovely Saturday and reflect on 5 things that make you happy too.

I need a hobby

I have never had a hobby. Ever.

I’ve always wanted one though. I loved when people would talk about theirs. Be it playing a sport or joining a group or doing something as simple as baking at home.

In the past I’ve thought about what sorts of things that I’d like to do:

Making cards

But I just cant commit to anything. I either lose my motivation or realise I’m not actually as good as I wish I was – which I know is ridiculous.

After years of wondering what I could do and thinking about what I am passionate about, I have recently come to the realisation that I love photography.

I’ve always loved taking photos, whether that be of my family at Christmas, holidays with friends, nature walks with the dogs or beautiful landscapes.

I’ve been using my Instagram to show off some of my photos so it would be awesome if you could all check them out and let me know what you think.

What’s your hobby? Have you ever thought of taking a photography course? Are you a photographer?

I’d love to hear from you guys


Autumn Dream

We always want what we cant have.

When it’s summer, we complain that we wish it was colder. In winter we dream of summer days and nights. I think due to these complaints, this is why I love spring and autumn. It’s an ‘in-between season’.

Warm enough to stop wearing cardigans in spring. We can start wearing lighter clothes and less layers but we still wake up to those crisp chilly mornings.

Cool enough in autumn to get your tights out, and layer up over your summer dresses and tops, getting as much wear out of them as you can before having to cover all of outfits with a big winter coat.

I love that in Melbourne, the weather has finally started to change so that the leaves are changing colour, the clouds are all over and the rain is dropping more than it has for the whole of 2017 so far.

I realised this week that I don’t own enough jumpers. I’ve looked so many places and thought I would list a few of my favourites:


  1. Flocked Star Knit – Country Road

Flocked Star


2. Floral Embroidered Jumper – Sportsgirl

Floral Embroidered Jumper


3. Honey Bunny Cardi – PrincessHighway

Honey Bunny


4. Pin Cushion Knit – Dangerfield

Pin Cushion Knit


5. Pom Pom Sweater – Seed

Pom Pom


6. Posies for You – Dotti

Posies For You


7. Sequin Humming Bird Knit – French Connection

Sequin Hummingbird

Here’s to tight and jumper weather!

Sydney – Day 6

Day 6

We woke up ridiculously early so we could all have a shower and get dressed ready for breakfast. 

It was served in the main tent and it was spectacular. There were pastries and fruit, cereal and coffee, hot chocolate and tea and so much more. 

After eating we went for a walk around the zoo before it opened and had the amazing opportunity to hand feed giraffes! It was incredible and something I will never forget. 

After the park opened me and Kieron spent a few more hours in the zoo looking at all of the animals whilst our aunts and Jane went out for the day. 

We then got the ferry back to the harbour, bought ice cream and walked around the botanical gardens on our way back to our apartment. 

We had Nandos for dinner and then took advantage of the amazing pool at the apartments! 

Such an amazing last day in Sydney! We go off to Alice Springs tomorrow! 

Sydney – Day 5 

Day 5

Today we met with an old family friend who was also travelling around Australia and New Zealand. 

We had a lovely morning walking around the city and stopped off for a number of drinks and a lovely lunch on the harbour. 

We had all booked in for Roar and Snore at Taronga Zoo which we were all really looking forward to. 

We headed off on the ferry and arrived at the zoo at around 6pm. We were shown to our tents which were fantastic! 

Our 3 tents were on the front row which means we had a perfect view of the sea and the sunset. 

After we’d dropped our bags off we went for a tour and were allowed to feed some of the animals. 

We had dinner and heard some aboriginal stories from one of the staff members. 

It was such an incredible day and a lovely night! Although I had an awful issue with my feet swelling! Too much walking I’m thinking! 

I think tomorrow we’re going to be feeding some more animals!